Dsptch accessories will 100% protect your iPhone from drops

Accessory manufacturers have been experimenting with the shape, texture, size and design of iPhone cases for years. This is especially true for companies that produce protective cases. There are similar products in the assortment of dsptch. At the same time, the manufacturer approached the protective accessories for the iPhone from an unusual perspective. Dsptch covers can be attached to a backpack strap or belt using a special mount or carabiner.

In structure, dsptch covers are similar to protective accessories from other manufacturers. The cases have massive bumpers that protect Apple smartphones from falls. And on any edge.

A distinctive feature of branded cases from dsptch are special mounts. With their help, users will be able to secure the smartphone with almost any carabiner. However, this feature is best “revealed” with the help of another branded accessory from dsptch called Gravity Mag-Reel 360.

The latter is actually a kind of analogue of a carbine, into which a small reel with a strong cord is built. Thanks to this accessory, the smartphone will be 100% protected from drops – the coil with a return mechanism will simply “pull” it back to the mount.

You can purchase branded dsptch and Gravity Mag-Reel 360 covers on the manufacturer’s official website.

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