Elmedia Player – video player for Mac with video download function

Sooner or later, everyone is faced with a situation where the standard player for Mac (QuickTime) refuses to play some kind of video. This happens especially often among those who have just migrated from Windows to Mac and do not yet know about “friendly” formats.

However, you don’t need to figure it out, just install a good video player for Mac, which will solve the problem of formats once and for all. I settled on Elmedia Player, or rather, on its Pro version, which has several interesting features. The player has recently been radically updated and now looks very tempting.

📽 Download Elmedia Player: Free.

A player for Mac that plays everything

Elmedia Player supports almost all video formats (Blu-Ray, FLV, SWF, XAP, WMV (Silverlight), RM, RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, DIVX, etc.). With it, there is no need to keep multiple players or install any plugins.

Visually, Elmedia Player looks like a standard macOS player

Download audio and video from YouTube and VK (PRO)

This function once and for all removes questions like “How to download a video from VKontakte?” And all thanks to the “internal” browser of the player, at the bottom of which all media files on the current page are automatically visible.

You can download any video through the built-in browser

The most interesting thing is that you can download not only video, but also audio from the same VK. This trick works on almost any site. Just open the link and go! By the way, the browser perfectly pulls up all the information from Safari, so you don’t have to log in to the sites again.

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Convenient management

In Elmedia Player, the video volume is adjusted independently of the system one. This is sorely lacking in the same QuickTime, where, when watching a video, a new Skype call can scare you.

Taking screenshots (PRO)

I don’t know why myself, but I quite often take screenshots of some moments in films. Sometimes just for myself, sometimes – I share them with friends. Taking a screenshot on a Mac is easy, but not always convenient for movies. This player for Mac has a built-in function to take one or a series of screenshots at a given interval. There is definitely a good shot among them.

Playlists support

Everything that you download from the network through Elmedia Player is automatically included in the internal playlist. You can also add your TV shows and other videos there, so as not to rummage through the hard drive every time in search of a new episode.

Add several episodes of TV series to the queue so that they play one after another

In conclusion

There are no complaints about the work of the new Elmedia Player. It even looks now almost the same as the standard player for macOS. The only difference is the orange color in the controls. After installation, I recommend making it the default player.

Elmedia Player: in Setapp / $ 19.99 one time

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