Evad3rs Disabled Pirate App Store in iOS 7 Jailbreak

The release of the iOS 7 jailbreak, which has become a long-awaited event for millions of users, was overshadowed by the not-so-beautiful story of the pirated TaiG app store built into the jailbreak and available in China.

A wave of indignation over the actions of Evad4rs swept through forums and social networks, and the hackers were even forced to publish an appeal to the community, in which they explain that, during negotiations with the owners of the application store, TaiG insisted that it should not contain pirated content, and that the store itself was the Chinese counterpart of Cydia. But the Chinese did not fulfill the terms of the contract – and as a result, a pirate store was built into the jailbreak.

The hackers promised to “take appropriate action” – and indeed they did. Hacker pod2g, a member of the Evad3rs team, tweeted, “We have decided to remotely disable the default TaiG installation in China to further investigate the piracy issue.”

Evad3rs Disabled Pirate App Store in iOS 7 Jailbreak

Well, the move is logical and correct. But will it help Evad3rs hackers to justify themselves in the eyes of the community?

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