Evad3rs have posted another message to the community

The release of the jailbreak utility for iOS 7 was accompanied by a “pirate scandal” – a pirated “App Store” was discovered in the Chinese jailbreak – the store of jailbroken TaiG applications. The hackers from Evad3rs immediately issued an appeal in which they stated that, as agreed with the owners of TaiG, there should be no pirated applications in the store, but the Chinese did not fulfill the terms of the agreement.

Evad3rs have posted another message to the community

Eventually, the TaiG store was removed from the jailbreak. Evad3rs decided to reach out to the community again tonight and released another statement. It says that they did not receive any money for adding a TaiG store to the jailbreak, and the jailbreak itself is safe from the point of view of keeping confidential information. This, by the way, was confirmed by the well-known hacker George Hotz (geohot), who studied the jailbreak code. Here is an excerpt from Evad3rs’ second message to the community.

There have been many rumors about the various amounts paid to us. We have not received any funds from any group, including Taig. We do not accept any money at all. All our donations go to the Public Knowledge, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure to ensure jailbreak is legal

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