Everyone puts their face in movies and clips – and so can you!

Many have already noticed the latest trend that is raging on social networks – people are massively embedding their face in popular clips and movie clips. Helps them in this special application Reface App: initially it was possible to insert your face into famous gifs and memes, but recently there was a function with which you can replace face in video and add yourself to a movie or clip. For example, make your own face instead of the face of Dwayne Johnson, Spider-Man, Shakira and other celebrities.

Did you want to be the hero of the film? And the clip? Now you have such an opportunity

How to replace a face with a video

You can create a gif or video clip with your face in a few seconds. Download the Reface App from this link, then scan your face. In the settings, you can add several faces, for this, just click on the plus.

Then select any of your favorite video clips in the first tab or a gif that you can select in the next tab. Press once and wait a few seconds for the app to match your face to the celebrity’s face and then replace the face with the video. There are stills from the films Mad Max, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-Man, Hulk, as well as clippings and popular clips of Shakira, Harry Styles, Rihanna, Loboda and other celebrities. The collection of videos and gifs is constantly growing.

Can only be selected from the suggested clips and films

Vzhuh – and I’m Dwayne Johnson

The application that changes the face

I’ve tried on the role of Conor McGregor, Dwayne Johnson and even Rihanna. It all looks really funny, especially with sound, but it is clear that the technology is still damp. Unlike FaceApp, which uses deep learning and artificial intelligence, and the application really makes new pictures as close as possible to real ones, there are many artifacts in the Reface App and the video becomes “soapy”. But you can still scare your friends, send them such a video, or share on Instagram or other social networks.

Or Mad Max

In this case, video or gif processing is also carried out using neural networks, it is just that the developers, apparently, do not have so much data yet to train them to change the face on the video perfectly. The application does not perform any calculations and transformations on the device, referring to remote servers. To do this, the photo is uploaded to the cloud, analyzed there, face changes on videoand then the result is downloaded again to the device.

Depending on the speed of the Internet, processing takes different times

The popularity of the application was brought by support from famous personalities and stars who actively promoted the application on social networks and continue to do so to this day. By the way, the developers do not hide the fact that they collect all the uploaded photos and facial features in order to train the neural network and replace the face with even better quality. But nothing prevents them from using the photo for any other purpose.

Replace face with video you can buy your own for free, however, some functions are available in the application only with a subscription, which costs from 199 rubles per month. In the professional version, the developers offer a face replacement from a photo (now you can take a photo taken just with the camera), no watermarks, priority processing of videos and gifs, and other goodies. It seems to me that there is no point in paying for this, but it’s up to you.

Name: REFACE: face swap videos
Publisher / Developer: NEOCORTEXT, INC.
Price: Is free
In-app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: For iPhone
Link: Install

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