finding and deleting unnecessary files in macOS

DaisyDisk is a disk space visualizer that helps you quickly identify problem areas on a drive and remove all unnecessary in a couple of clicks. I use it to clean my discs manually, right after the automatic cleaning of CleanMyMac X.

DaisyDisk uses the sunburst method of presenting information. This is a multi-level “pie” cut into sectors from folders and files. Clicking on any sector will take you to a lower level, with other sectors.

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Each ray in the diagram is a folder or file. The larger the beam, the more data it hides.

Navigation takes place using both the diagram and the legend. At the same time, the legend automatically changes depending on which sector of the diagram the cursor is currently hovering over.

The colors of the sectors are well distinguishable and do not merge into a mess. In the model and legend, only large files and folders are displayed, and all small ones are hidden under the link “small objects …”.

The legend shows that my Downloads folder is swollen to 24GB

Any object can be viewed using the standard macOS method (pressing the spacebar), or deleted. All deleted items are pre-entered into the internal recycle bin.

In folder Downloads there were several old 7 GB videos

Please note that DaisyDisk has two versions: from the App Store and from the developer’s site. The price is the same – $ 9.99.

The App Store version does not support administrator scanning, which means that they cannot work with system folders and sections to which you do not have access rights.

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The version from the site is devoid of this drawback, besides this, the developers receive a little more $ from direct sales, so I recommend buying it. But, if you nevertheless bought the version from the App Store, then you can always ask the developers to transfer you to the full version.

👉 Buy DaisyDisk 4: on the developer site, in the App Store

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