Five great table lamps from Aliexpress

The usefulness of good lighting cannot be overemphasized. This issue becomes especially relevant with a decrease in daylight hours. That is why, today we have prepared a small selection of desktop lamps that can be purchased on Aliexpress.

Monitor lamp

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There is a category of people who places lamps directly above the monitor. Thus, they illuminate the entire area above the keyboard, but this creates glare on the screen. A special lamp from Aliexpress solves this problem. Moreover, due to the design of the accessory, it illuminates the working area, does not light up the monitor and does not shine in the eyes.

The lamp is compact in size and can be mounted on almost any monitor. In this case, the mount is not rigid. In fact, the lamp just lies on the top edge of the display, resting on a special leg against the back of the screen.

The lamp can work either from a mobile power adapter or from an external battery or a computer USB connector. A nice feature of this accessory is the ability to adjust the color temperature – there are three different options available to choose from (cold, medium and warm light).

Compact lamp from Baseus i-wok

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The Chinese company Baseus manufactures a wide variety of products, including a variety of lamps. There is also a compact desktop solution called Baseus i-wok in the manufacturer’s assortment.

Despite its small size, the lamp perfectly illuminates the workspace. This is achieved thanks to the directional light, the brightness of which users can change within a fairly wide range. The color temperature is also adjustable.

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However, portability can be considered a key feature of the Baseus i-wok. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, this lamp can be easily moved from the desktop to the bedside table or any other place.

According to the manufacturer, the built-in battery will last for 4 hours of lamp operation at maximum brightness. At the minimum brightness value, autonomy increases to 40 hours. But the lamp can also work from the mains. You can buy Baseus i-wok directly on Aliexpress with a suitable power adapter.

Table lamp with remote control

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This lamp has several features at once. Firstly, the luminaire has a flexible leg that can be positioned in a variety of positions – lift it up, twist it in a ring, bend it with a wave, etc. This solution allows for precise positioning of the luminaire. Moreover, as noted by users, the flexible hinge holds its position well and does not bend under the weight of the lamp itself.

Five great table lamps from Aliexpress

Secondly, the luminaire has a large number of settings – five brightness levels and five color temperature settings. At the same time, all this can be controlled either using special buttons at the base of the lamp, or using the remote control. The latter has a fairly large number of options. For example, with its help, you can subtly change the lighting settings, as well as set the light off timer.

Table lamp Artpad

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The Artpad table lamp looks like an ordinary lamp with a flexible hinge. However, unlike more affordable solutions, this luminaire has a lot of options and settings. In particular, with a compact switch, users can change brightness and color temperature.

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Five great table lamps from Aliexpress

But the main thing is that the Artpad lamp hinge has a sufficient number of settings. This allows the luminaire to be positioned in dozens of different positions. Some users cite minor cooling problems as the only design flaw. Judging by the reviews, during long-term operation, the unit with built-in LEDs heats up. However, this does not affect work.

Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp

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Naturally, the selection of Chinese products could not do without Xiaomi products. The range of this manufacturer already includes several different table lamps. However, Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp can be considered one of the most successful.

Five great table lamps from Aliexpress

Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp is made in a minimalistic style. There is only one bright detail in its design – the red wire. The rest of the body is made of white plastic. Users can choose from several levels of brightness and color temperature adjustments.

But the main thing is that Xiaomi Mi LED Desk Lamp can be connected to the Mi Home mobile application. It can be used to turn the lamp on and off, change the brightness level, set the on timer, etc.

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