Five interesting wireless speakers from Aliexpress

Many can no longer imagine their life without music. This explains the high popularity of portable wireless speakers. Similar devices are available on Aliexpress as well. Moreover, speakers from Chinese manufacturers often sound no worse than models from famous brands.

Ukker T5

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Ukker T5 is a compact, stylish and moderately loud portable speaker, which, among other things, also costs around 700 rubles excluding shipping. The overall dimensions of the device are only 92×92 mm.

Five interesting wireless speakers from Aliexpress

Inside this small case is a speaker with a capacity of about 3 watts and a small 400 mAh battery. According to the manufacturer, when paired with a smartphone, Ukker T5 can work for about three hours. Separately, it should be noted that the device case is protected from moisture according to the IPX5 standard.

Like most Chinese speakers, the Ukker T5 has a memory card slot and a USB port that allows you to connect external drives to the device.


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The NBY-18 speaker can be considered a copy of the more expensive Beats Pill +. The devices really have a number of similar details. However, unlike the Beats speaker, the Chinese counterpart cannot boast of high autonomy or powerful sound. But that doesn’t mean the NBY-18 isn’t worthy of attention.

Five interesting wireless speakers from Aliexpress

The NBY-18 enclosure houses a pair of 3-watt speakers and a passive radiator that adds bass to the speaker. A 1200 mAh battery is responsible for the autonomy of the device, which can provide about 4 hours of music playback.

As for the external connectors, everything is standard here for the NBY-18: a slot for microSD memory cards, a USB connector for connecting external drives and an AUX jack.

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UKKER T&G 113 can be considered one of the most popular wireless speakers in the manufacturer’s lineup. With a price of about 1200-1300 rubles, the device has good characteristics. For example, it has a 10W speaker and a 1200mAh battery. Paired with a smartphone, the column can work for about 3-4 hours.

Five interesting wireless speakers from Aliexpress

The UKKER T&G 113 case is made of plastic. However, thanks to the bright fabric finish, the speaker looks quite good. At the same time, the fabric cover, like the entire column as a whole, resists moisture and splashes well. The model has IPX6 protection.

UKKER T&G 113 can work both in tandem with a “source”, connecting to it via Bluetooth or via AUX, or act as an independent device. In stand-alone mode, the speaker can play music from a memory card or external storage, as well as “catch” FM radio.

ANKER Soundcore Motion Q

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ANKER Soundcore Motion Q is a compact and stylish portable speaker from a well-established manufacturer, which, among other things, is able to survive submersion in fresh water to a depth of one meter without any problems.

Five interesting wireless speakers from Aliexpress

In terms of its dimensions, Motion Q is similar to an aluminum can that has slightly swayed into its sides. This design allowed the manufacturer to place a pair of speakers with a total power of 16 watts in the speaker cabinet, which provide 360-degree sound.

A 2600 mAh battery is responsible for the autonomy of the column. A full charge lasts 10 hours of music playback at medium volume. By the way, it is at this volume that the speaker sounds best – you can feel high, medium, and even low frequencies.

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Tronsmart Element MEGA

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The Tronsmart brand is called ANKER’s main competitor, and the products are the Chinese answer to JBL speakers. Tronsmart Element MEGA fits well with all these claims. In fact, mega can be considered a competitor to speakers like the JBL Xtreme. At the same time, the Chinese answer does not look so catchy and costs much less.

Five interesting wireless speakers from Aliexpress

Tronsmart Element MEGA has a discreet design without any bright elements. At the same time, the speaker case is not protected from dust and moisture in any way. The device is completely “home”. Inside the case is a pair of speakers with a total power of 40 watts, a fairly large passive radiator and a 3300 mAh battery.

At medium volume, Tronsmart Element MEGA works for about 8-9 hours. At the same time, the speaker is capable of playing really loudly. In a small room, its power is even excessive. The advantages of Tronsmart Element MEGA include the presence of NFC, so that the process of connecting the speaker to a smartphone takes a minimum of time.

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