Folx is the best torrent client and file downloader for Mac

I download files via Safari, torrents via Transmission. There are no complaints about Transmission, but the Safari browser is noticeably dull when downloading large files. The last straw was a 1 GB WEAPON 8K video from the RED website. It took 12 minutes to download at 200 Megabits WiFi. Long!

While I was waiting for the video to load, I decided to find the Folx file downloader in the bins and compare it with Safari. It turned out that Folx downloads faster not only files, but also torrents. I made some measurements and now I will tell you about the pros and cons of using this rocking chair.

👉 Download Folx: in Setapp / from the official site

Folx can download both regular files and torrents

Uploading files via Folx

Folx splits the download into multiple threads. Safari, on the other hand, downloads only one stream, and therefore loses in speed.

To simplify greatly, loading into one thread works like this:
1. The browser sends a request to download a small part of the file and starts downloading;
2. As soon as the download is finished, the browser sends the request again and so on until the file is fully downloaded.

Folx does the same, but it can load up to 20 pieces of one file in parallel. And the larger the file, the more visible the difference in download speed.

The number of download streams can be configured by double clicking on the file

The dependence of the speed on the number of streams is far from direct, sometimes loading into 2 streams is as fast as 10 or 20. By default, the number of streams in Folx is set to 2. You can put 20 streams at the time of downloading the file and immediately make it the default parameter …

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As you can see, even in 2 streams, Folx downloads significantly faster than the standard Safari and Chrome downloaders. In 20 streams – beauty in general.

Downloading torrents via Folx

It is difficult to objectively test the download speed of torrents because the number of peers and the upload speed are constantly jumping. The results of downloading files turned out to be heterogeneous: sometimes faster than Transmission, sometimes faster than Folx, then both programs download quickly or slowly.

In general, the speed of both rockers is the same and depends more on the workload of the provider and the speed of distribution.

Downloading the latest Game of Thrones episode from

But during testing, an interesting nuance surfaced. For reasons I don’t understand, Transmission gets into a mess when downloading from, where I watch TV series. Downloads rarely go faster than 1 megabyte per second, while Folx delivers 12–20 megabytes. There were no such anomalies when booting from rutracker.

Features of working with browsers Safari and Chrome

Folx is able to intercept downloads from the browser, but in conjunction with Safari it works every other time. In any case, I have. It was not possible to defeat the glitch, so when I need to download a large file, I left-click on the link and select “Download from Flox”.

Files are not always intercepted in Safari, so you have to download them with a right click.

In conjunction with Chrome, link interception works better. Folx successfully intercepted all test downloads from various sites. It’s a shame that Safari doesn’t.

Folx Pro

The ability to download 20 streams is one of several Pro features that cost $ 19.99. Folx Pro also includes:

Scheduled download
Folx can work differently depending on the day of the week and time. For example, file distribution can be prohibited during business hours from Monday to Friday, and Flox can be allowed to work around the clock on weekends.

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Folx can upload and download files at different speeds depending on the day of the week

Smart download speed control
The download speed may automatically slow down depending on the application in focus. For example, you can reduce the speed when you open Safari or Chrome browser. Killerfich with slow internet.

If I open Safari, Folx will automatically lower my download speed to 4MB

Search torrents from the app
Directly from Folx, you can search torrents on 14 search engines, including thepiratebay. This feature has been in the bootloader for many years, but I’ve never used it.

It’s all about the lack of filters, which is why all the results are irrelevant. It’s easier to go to a torrent tracker and download directly.

The output from the torrent search is not relevant, so I never use it

Download YouTube videos
The function works just as well as in the Airy bootloader from the same developers. To download something from YouTube, just drag the link to the Folx icon, select the video quality and click “Download”.

Uploading videos is great. I often download video lectures and record them on iPad

Download from sites that require login and password
I tried downloading Xcode from Apple developer account with no success. Folx was unable to intercept the link in both browsers. Therefore, I can not say anything about the performance of this thing.


Does Folx swing faster?
More often, yes, and downloads files several times faster than Safari or Chrome. I didn’t notice a significant difference in downloading torrents, but Flox copes better with downloading from the service, from where I download the series.

Is Folx easy to use?
In conjunction with Chrome, yes. In conjunction with Safari, interception of links worked for me once. To download, you have to right-click on the link and then click “Download from Flox”.

Are Pro features $ 20 worth?
Depends on what you are doing. Sometimes I have to download a lot of video tutorials from YouTube, so the video download function is important to me. Smart speed control is great for slow internet connections. The same can be said for scheduled downloads. But searching for torrents is a useless thing, do not take it into account.

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Where to try and buy

The free version of Folx consists of a 2-stream downloader and a torrent client. Folx Pro is available for $ 19.99. Folx Pro is also available by subscription in the Setapp service. There you can also try Folx Pro and hundreds of other applications for free for 7 days.

👉 Download Folx: in Setapp / from the official site

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