Forza Street is Microsoft’s mobile arcade racing game

Today the global release of a new racing game called Forza Street from the Turn 10 studio, which is owned by Microsoft, took place. The novelty is a fairly dynamic and colorful arcade game that should compete with Asphalt.

Forza Street is Microsoft's mobile arcade racing game

It should be noted right away that, despite the developers’ statements, Forza Street is exactly an arcade. The gameplay boils down to literally pressing two virtual keys – one responds to acceleration, and the second to “nitro”. The car will slow down and turn independently.

As for the vehicle fleet, a lot of attention is paid to it in Forza Street. There are many licensed cars available in the game of various brands – from “classic” American muscle cars to European supercars. Also, the developers paid a lot of attention to graphics. Outwardly, the game looks very good, and the gameplay is diluted with spectacular camera spans.

Owners of smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android will be able to try out the new product. The game itself is available for free. However, it contains in-game goods that can be purchased with real money.

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