Gemini 2: Find and Remove Duplicates

I always keep my Mac clean and I regularly sweep out the trash with CleanMyMac and DaisyDisk cleaners. But these programs do not know how to search for duplicate files that willy-nilly appear on any computer. For these purposes, I use Gemini

Gemini 2: demo / 7 days free on Setapp

Even after cleaning with CleanMyMac and Daisy Disk utilities, I found 3.5 GB duplicates on my disk that can be removed

What is Gemini

Gemini is a utility for finding duplicate files on Mac. It scans the entire drive or a specified folder and displays the found duplicates in a visual list.

Example of a duplicate photo

Smart cleaning

Duplicate files can be sorted by creation date, location on disk, extensions, size, etc. In the new version, next to each group of duplicates there is a small panel where you can immediately see by what criteria the files differ.

I keep the freshest of all duplicates, and delete all the others.

You can select duplicates for deletion the old fashioned way – manually. I prefer the new function Smart cleaning, and then just visually check it for adequacy.

I keep the freshest of all duplicates, and delete all the others.

Initially Smart cleaning works very carefully, according to the principle of “do not break the wood”, but at the same time she learns herself. Therefore, do not forget to go over the duplicates yourself, so that Gemini will remember the logic of your choice and next time choose the duplicates for deletion for you.

What files does Gemini work with?

Gemini finds duplicate documents, photos, videos, music, books, etc. In general, it works with all the files you are used to interacting with every day.

If you need to ignore some files or folders during scanning, then you can register the corresponding rules in Gemini 2 settings. There you can also set the minimum file size for scanning. By default, this is 1 megabyte.

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List of file extensions that Gemini will ignore

Cleanup Photos and iTunes

Photo and music repositories are ideal places for duplicate reproduction. Gemini 2 learned to work with them too. For example, it can compare photos found on disk with photos from your Photo library. Moreover, it finds not only the same files, but also similar ones.

But, to be honest, for working with photos, I liked the mobile version of Gemini more. It has a more intuitive interface and you can delete photos right from your iPhone.

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Analyze your photo library

For example, it will help you choose the best one from 10 sunset photos, and delete the rest. For those who store tens of gigabytes of photos, or take a series of pictures, this is just a godsend.

Where Gemini deletes files

As expected – in the basket. But if you are not sure of the correctness of your choice, then duplicates can be placed in a special folder and written to an external drive. If nothing from this folder is needed, then it can be deleted after a month or two.


MacPaw products have always been full of beautiful pixels. Gemini 2 is no exception. It is very pleasant to work with the program, attention to every detail is felt.

Searching for duplicates in Photo and iTunes libraries are killerfichi that will save gigabytes. Just set Gemini on your archives and you will see how everything is running. None of the analogues in the App Store can do this.

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Gemini 2: demo / 7 days free on Setapp

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