GIF Brewery: convert video to GIFs

You may have noticed that in some articles I insert animated gifs instead of screenshots or videos. Sometimes it is much easier to demonstrate a situation or action on the screen. For all these delights, there is one little program called GIF Brewery, which makes animated images on the Mac.

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GIF Brewery makes GIFs from video files. This recording can be made using the standard macOS capture function and then opened in GIF Brewery.

GIF Brewery can:

  • export the result to gif or png sequence;
  • crop and resize relative to video;
  • correct colors during conversion and apply all sorts of effects like sepia, watermarks …;
  • create animation based on the desired number of frames per second or set their total number and delay;
  • loop video and set time delays at the beginning or end.

Main program window

The program has many options, so before creating an animation, it is better to read the quick start guide on the developer’s website.

All GIF quality settings approx. moved to the side panel

Pay special attention to the choice of the color optimization algorithm, some work better with regular video, and some with interfaces. I had to experiment to get the optimal quality relative to the file size. Here are some of my examples:

Overall, GIF Brewery works well, but its interface and settings take some getting used to. It took me a while to figure out which settings are best for demonstrating the interface.

Also keep in mind that the output of the gifs is not the optimal size. To further compress them without losing quality, I use Optimage.

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Download on the App Store, free

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