Gmail, Outlook, Spark and Hey can now be used by default on iPhone and iPad

In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, it became possible to change the default mail client and browser to third-party ones. Previously, only Mail and Safari could be used by default. For the function to support the application, it must be updated. Support recently appeared in the Gmail, Outlook, Spark and Hey apps.

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As far as third-party browsers go, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and DuckDuckGo already support the feature.

The way Apple has added control for this feature leaves a lot to be desired. In addition, in iOS and iPadOS 14, due to a bug, restarting devices resets the default apps back to Mail and Safari. We hope that this bug will be fixed soon.

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It’s as if Apple added the option on purpose so that few people could find it by accident. Otherwise, it seems very strange that such an important function is buried in the options of third-party applications.

It would be more logical to either add a new settings section with a choice of default applications, or add a new option in Preferences> Safari and Preferences> Mail.

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