Google employee finds vulnerability that could help jailbreak iOS 11

In recent years, Apple has begun to pay a lot of attention to closing various vulnerabilities that were used by third-party developers to create jailbreak. However, as practice shows, some flaws in the iOS security system still remain. According to one of the employees of the Google Zero project, there is a vulnerability in iOS 11 that could help in creating a jailbreak.

Ian Bier, who discovered the security hole, did not share any details. He promised to publish all information about his find later. At the same time, Beer does not plan to create a public hacking tool. Apparently, he will just share some details, using which other developers can already create a jailbreak. The only thing that is currently known is that the vulnerability exists in all versions of iOS, up to iOS 11.1.2.

It is worth noting that Beer had already found various vulnerabilities in iOS, which were then used to hack the Apple mobile operating system. About a year ago, it was thanks to his findings that a jailbreak for iOS 10.x was released.

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