Google has released a beta version of Android Q with multitasking animation, like in iPhone X

Yesterday, Google released the first beta version of Android Q, and already today, users who tested it found a visual similarity with gestures in the iPhone X / XS / XR in the updated OS.

The multitasking gesture in Android Q beta 1 has not changed – users can swipe up to bring up a menu of open applications. But now support for gesture (arc swipe from the center to the side) has been added to the OS to switch between applications. In contrast to the effect of minimizing applications when switching, as it was on the Android Pie, in beta Q a new animation appeared, similar to the one that was first introduced in the iPhone X.

Among other innovations, users note a full dark interface mode Android-devices. In this, Google beat Apple, which, according to rumors, also plans to add a dark mode in iOS 13.

Currently, the first beta version of Android Q is available only to owners of Google Pixel smartphones of all generations. Probably, the final release of the operating system will take place this fall.

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