Hacker i0n1c was able to hack Apple TV of the latest generation

The new Apple TV set-top box has fairly wide functionality. However, many users would like, for example, to be able to connect a wireless controller from PS4 to Apple TV or install the XBMC package on the set-top box. But all this requires a jailbreak.


In the future, owners of the new Apple TV may have a way to expand the capabilities of the device. A few days ago, a hacker under the nickname i0n1c hinted at a successful hacking of tvOS by publishing in his microblog a screenshot of the Apple TV home screen, on which, in addition to standard applications, you could see the OpenSSH utility. The latter can be installed only after gaining access to the device’s file system. Therefore, many believed that the hacker had managed to break into the operating system of the set-top box.


However, it is worth noting here that i0n1c is unlikely to work on a public utility for cracking tvOS. The hacker hasn’t released anything related to jailbreak lately. However, the very fact that the new console was hacked gives hope that other active members of the jailbreak community will decide to create their own utility that allows you to jailbreak Apple TV of the fourth generation.

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