Hacker was able to jailbreak iOS 11.4

Despite the fact that several prominent members have left the jailbreak community over the past year, some hackers are still hacking into new Apple mobile operating systems. For example, the other day, Richard Zhu shared his successes, talking about the successful jailbreak of iOS 11.4.

In his microblog, Richard Zhu published an almost minute video in which he showed the Cydia store installed on the iPhone 7 and demonstrated the process of accessing system files through the Terminal.

It is currently unknown how iOS 11.4 was hacked. Zhu did not share any details. It is also currently unknown if the hacker plans to release a public utility for jailbreaking iOS. It is possible that in the future Zhu will simply share information about the vulnerabilities that allowed him to create a jailbreak with other hackers, and they will already start creating a public utility.

It should be noted that Zhu has been searching for various vulnerabilities in software products for quite some time. This year he became the winner of the Pwn2Own hacker conference. It was Zhu who discovered critical vulnerabilities in Firefox and Microsoft Edge, for which he received $ 120,000.

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