Hackers found vulnerability for firmware rollback and jailbreak

A few days ago a hacker known as axi0mX released an exploit called Checkm8. The latter can help in hacking most apple mobile devices.

Hackers found vulnerability for firmware rollback and jailbreak

According to reports, all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models that are based on processors from Apple A5 to Apple A11 are vulnerable to Checkm8. Simply put, the exploit allows you to jailbreak all iPhone models, from iPhone 4s to iPhone X. The last time such a vulnerability was found was 2010.

Separately, axi0mX notes that Checkm8 uses the Bootrom bootloader, so Apple will not be able to quickly close the vulnerability. To do this, the company will have to release a new version of iOS.

However, it should be borne in mind that Checkm8 is not a ready-made jailbreak yet. An exploit is more of a “tool” that can be used to create jailbreak utilities and rollback to earlier versions of iOS.

Active members of the jailbreak community greeted the news of Checkm8 with great enthusiasm. For example, the developer of the unc0ver utility has already announced that in the near future he plans to get acquainted with the axi0mX solution in detail and, possibly, embed it into his program.

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