Hackers managed to jailbreak iPhone on iOS 12 via browser

In the past few weeks, several hackers and hacker teams have announced the discovery of various vulnerabilities that allow jailbreaking iOS 11.4 and iOS 12. One of the most interesting is the latest find. It allows you to jailbreak Apple mobile devices running iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 using the Safari browser.

Hackers managed to jailbreak iPhone on iOS 12 via browser

According to available data, users do not even need to connect their mobile device to their computer to jailbreak iPhones and iPads through a browser. You just need to go to a special site and click just one button. Then everything will happen automatically.

It should be noted that earlier hackers have already found similar vulnerabilities in the standard iOS browser and used them to hack iPhone and iPad. The Cupertinos, in turn, promptly corrected such shortcomings. However, the new vulnerability has not yet been closed and it is hoped that a new jailbreak will see the light in the near future.

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