Hider 2 – hide important files from prying eyes

Hider 2 is a utility from the authors of CleanMyMac that performs Mac encryption, that is, hides files and folders from prying eyes. Roughly speaking, this is a variant of an encrypted macOS image on disk, a kind of safe where you can keep important business documents, photos, videos or notes.

Download trial version of Hider, 8.9 MB

Hider 2 main window

Of course, it was not done without a number of additional buns that make the “encryption” process understandable and accessible not only to geeks, but also to simple “housewives”.

Principle of operation

At the first start, Hider will ask you to set a master password for subsequent access. In the future, this password will be needed to access the hidden files.

To access files, you must enter a password

To hide a file or folder using Hider, just drag it to the main window. Objects will be immediately encrypted (AES-256) and “disappear” from the disk.

To hide files – drag them to the Hider window

Here one of the main differences of the utility from the encrypted macOS image is immediately noticeable – when “opened” Hider returns the files to their original places. That is, if your financial plan for 2019 was originally in the Documents folder, then it will appear there. It is very convenient, because the hierarchy of information storage is not violated.

When using Hider 2, the encrypted files and folders are not visible in Finder, unlike standard macOS tools, where the image attracts attention. This is another big plus.

To “close” all files from prying eyes again, you can use one of three methods:

  • click on the Hide All button in the program itself;
  • press combination ShiftCmdH;
  • just close Hider 2.
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In addition, you can “open” and “close” files and folders in groups or by tags. All this information is presented in the left menu.

As a bonus, I’ll also mention the Notes category, where you can add notes. Personally, I saved a bunch of personal data that my bank asks when contacting online support.

Oh yes, the utility can also be controlled through Menubar. There is a menu with a list of recently added files that you can show or hide right from there.

Encryption on external drives

Hider 2 also knows how to hide information on external drives, but in this case you can still see the encrypted image where your files are stored. It will have a .hvault extension.

In conclusion

Overall I liked Hider 2 and it is a great addition to my Mac security system. It makes encrypting your Mac a natural and easy process. This utility will reliably hide your financial documents, pictures, videos and other information.

Download trial version of Hider, 8.9 MB

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