Highlighting one color in a photo using ColorStokes. Instruction.

One of the most popular effects for beautifying photography is highlighting a particular subject with color. The entire photo is taken in black and white, and some part of it remains in color.

Of course, doing this in Photoshop (or any other similar graphics editor like Pixelmator) is more than a trivial task. But if you are not so professional that you are ready to tinker with these editors, then you can use a specialized photo editing program for Mac.

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ColorStokes is one of the best known programs in this area. The program interface for Mac is almost standard. The window is dark gray (the industry standard for graphics programs?), At the top is the toolbar, on the right is the additional options panel. At the first launch, we are greeted with an offer to open a file from disk (the Photo and Aperture libraries are also supported) or drag the desired into the program window.

Immediately after opening the picture, it will instantly lose all its color, transforming into shades of gray. This is the area of ​​application for your future creativity.

Then everything is simple: with a brush, select those areas that you want to see colored. You can also switch the brush to “desaturate” mode if you want to deprive some of the image areas of color content. Since it is not always clear from the photo how smoothly you processed the object, the mask mode comes to the rescue, showing the colored areas in red.

For my personal taste, this mode is both clearer and more convenient than the standard one. There are a number of settings for brushes such as diameter, softness, etc. Color and black-and-white zones can also be adjusted: for them you can choose contrast, brightness and a number of other parameters. In addition to displaying discolored areas in grayscale, you can make them in sepia and blue tones. Although not with every picture it will look.

Also included is a standard gentleman’s set in the form of export to Photoshop / Aperture / iPhoto, viewing the image “before and after” and posting photos to social networks.

The final result looks something like this.

In general, the program turned out to be interesting. There is also a keyboard control, which makes the process of processing photos more convenient and versatile. All keys and their combinations are described in the program’s help file.

🍋 Download ColorStokes, free

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