How has the pandemic affected iPhone sales? Spoiler – they’ve grown!

The homeland of the iPhone is North America. The mainland, which separates from the Russian Federation about a hundred kilometers of icy salt water of the strait connecting the Arctic and Pacific oceans. At home iPhone the coronavirus has come off in full, sales of smartphones in such conditions could not help but fall – and they lived up to expectations. In Canada, in April-June 2020, their sales decreased by a third (by 36%) compared to the same months last year. And since COVID-19 caused the United States incomparably more damage, there they should have simply collapsed – but something went wrong.

While smartphone sales are falling, Apple is doing very well

Smartphone sales in April-June this year, compared to April-June 2019, decreased in the USA by 5%… If you count in pieces. One twentieth. Tracking the sales of all smartphones in a country of 300 million people is an impossible task. And not all smartphone manufacturers provide official (audited) information on the number of smartphones sold. Analytical company Canalys is simpler: it counts “smartphones delivered to the American market” – the data on deliveries can be documented and accurately reflect the number of devices sold. It’s all about “smartphones in general”, but how is Apple doing?

Smartphone sales in the USA 2020

Retail chains were purchased and imported into the United States in April-June 2020 31.9 million smartphones… Less than 2019 (33.4 million). The worst results in the top five were shown by TCL Technology corporation – its sales decreased by 43%. In second place from the bottom – “Others”, all together sold 34% fewer smartphones this year than a year ago.

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In addition to the difficulties common to all smartphone sellers, other factors also affected the sales volumes of companies from Greater China: aggravation of relations between China and the United States, bans and sanctions – among “others” there are companies from Greater China. Sales declined from LG (19%) and Samsung (1%).

And at Apple and Lenovo supplies of smartphones, and, apparently, their sales, on the contrary, increased. 10% and 8%. Apple sold 15 million iPhones, more than in any other second quarter in the company’s history. Record. But the company with the most surprising results is probably Lenovo. Its headquarters are in Hong Kong, which is one of the provinces of Greater China. Autonomous and rebellious, an 8 percent increase in sales for a Chinese company in the US is incredible. Even if formally it is Hong Kong.

How has the pandemic affected iPhone sales? Spoiler - they've grown!

Apple is growing again. Coincidence?

The analytical company Canalys is famous for graphs that display several parameters at once (in dynamics), while remaining clear and intuitive. This time, Canalys employees displayed the dynamics of the US smartphone market over the past three and a half years, from the first calendar quarter of 2017 to the second calendar quarter of 2020. The bars show the share of smartphone sales in different price categories, as a percentage (from 0 to 100, by left scale). The right scale and the black curve on the graph are ASP (average price of a smartphone, excluding promotions and taxes). In 2020 ASP is down 10% to $ 503.

How has the pandemic affected iPhone sales? Spoiler - they've grown!

The average cost of a phone sold has dropped

Which iPhone is the most popular

The most popular model – iPhone 11… Its sales are up 15% over last year’s iPhone XR sales. In fact, Apple executives doubted that XR would be of interest to anyone, and several times the project was on the verge of closing. Meanwhile, it was he who saved the iPhone and Apple from a really serious and dangerous crisis – without him, iPhone sales would have sunk so drastically that the consequences could have been dire, even fatal.

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Apple растет, несмотря на пандемию. Вот почему так происходит.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max (together) second in terms of sales, iPhone SE 2 – third. In the Individual event, the second generation SE is second. The result is a 10% increase in sales compared to the same quarter last year, and this is an honestly earned growth, explainable without the use of magic: this year Apple has a more than adequate lineup. If it weren’t for the coronavirus, it wouldn’t be like that.

How has the pandemic affected iPhone sales? Spoiler - they've grown!

iPhone 11 Pro Max was not so popular

IPhone Sales in Canada

How has the pandemic affected iPhone sales? Spoiler - they've grown!

Toronto, Canadian “New York”

Analytical company Counterpoint Research has studied the situation in the smartphone market in Canada. Smartphone sales in April-June 2020 fell here, compared to the same quarter last year, by 36%. IPhone sales also dropped 24%. Counterpoint concealed data on sales of smartphones of various brands “in pieces” – apparently. they will only be available to paid subscribers at a later date. The published study examined the distribution of the market among its participants. By the way, in Canada it is still allowed to sell Huawei and Xiaomi, but they did not make it into the top five.

Canada has a duopoly: Apple and Samsung combined in Q2 2020 had 86% of the Canadian smartphone market… A year ago, the duopoly had only 81%.

How has the pandemic affected iPhone sales? Spoiler - they've grown!

Apple and Samsung keep Chinese people out of Canada

Interestingly, the so-called “mobile analysts” will bury Apple for a long time?

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