How I Download Any Video – Even From YouTube

As we do not only text content, but also video, I often see Final Cut Pro X and the YouTube admin panel in front of me. Operators are involved in the creation of material for the video, but it is not always possible to shoot the frame needed for the video, and the easiest way to get out of the situation is to download the desired piece from YouTube itself. In the comments and in our Telegram chat, they often ask what application we use to download videos from YouTube, and today I will tell you about one of them.

You can download videos to your computer from almost any site in one application

In fact, video loading often happens in several ways – both with the help of special plugins and using the application. The problem with plugins is that they work closely with the browser, and I have repeatedly encountered the fact that the video either did not download until the end, or in some incomprehensible way I received a damaged file. In addition, most plugins download videos at a maximum resolution of 1080p, and sometimes even 720p. I have been looking for the simplest application for a long time to download YouTube video, but they are all kind of overloaded: a bunch of different menus, somewhere you definitely need to subscribe, all this is somehow not in Apple’s style. I just need an application where I just need to insert a link to the video, and it will download everything by itself!

And then I remembered about one application that our former editing guru told me about at one time (it was the year 2014-2015). He was involved in the creation of various videos, including news for the channel, and downloaded dozens of different videos a day. This application is called 4K Video Downloader, and for several years now it has helped me a lot when I need to download some video from the web.

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How to download YouTube videos

This is exactly the application that I was looking for: minimalistic style and a minimum of buttons, everything is simple and clear. It is enough to copy the link to the desired video and click “Paste link”. The program will automatically analyze the video and offer to download it in any available quality, including 4K (hence the name of the application). You can also download subtitles right away – I often watch English videos from YouTube on the road, and this feature was very useful.

How I Download Any Video - Even From YouTube

It is enough to click “Insert link”

How I Download Any Video - Even From YouTube

Choosing quality, subtitles and folder

Videos download very quickly, so you can download as many videos as you like, and all this will be free. Moreover, you can download videos not only from YouTube, but also TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, from Twitter, and from most other sites in maximum quality. That is, no one restricts you to download videos.

How I Download Any Video - Even From YouTube

Download speed depends only on your internet

How to download a playlist from YouTube

Conveniently, you can download not only one video, but a whole playlist! Just insert a link to it, the application will automatically recognize all the videos you want to download and offer quality. For example, I recently wanted to review the documentaries released on our channel – they are in the corresponding playlist. You do not need to download each video separately, they are downloaded all at once.

How I Download Any Video - Even From YouTube

You can download several videos at once and watch offline

How I Download Any Video - Even From YouTube

With smart mode, you can generally reduce the process to pressing one button

There are also premium features – these include unlimited downloads of playlists, subtitles, channels, no ads, and a very cool channel subscription function. It works like this: copy the link to the channel, paste it into the application, select the download quality – and the channel immediately goes to your subscriptions. Why is this needed? As soon as a new video is released on your favorite channel, it will automatically download to your computer. In the quality you need.

How I Download Any Video - Even From YouTube

These parameters can be changed at any time.

How I Download Any Video - Even From YouTube

All videos that will be released on the channel will be automatically downloaded

While the free functionality may be enough for many, active YouTube users will appreciate having such an app at hand. I use 4K Video Downloader on Mac, but there is a similar version for Windows and Ubuntu. For myself, I chose the option with paid functionality – 699 rubles for a license is not such a lot of money, and unlimited downloading of playlists helps a lot in my work. You can download the application and learn more about it at the link below. The app also has your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, there you can leave feedback about his work or make your wishes – over the many years of use, I have seen more than once that they are being listened to.

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Download 4K Video Downloader

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