How to access iOS 8.3 file system after jailbreak

A few days ago, hackers from the TaiG team released a new version of their utility that allows untethered jailbreak of iOS 8.3. However, there are still a few small problems at this stage.


Some of them have already been solved, and some still require the attention of developers. The latter include the inability to gain access to the file system of the iPhone and iPad after jailbreaking an apple device. However, there is a way to solve this problem.

To gain access to the file system, you need to use a special package called Apple File Conduit 2. It allows access to the file system through desktop file managers. For example, such as iFunBox or iExplorer. However, hackers warn that the package is still in beta testing, so it may experience interruptions.

How to access iOS 8.3 file system after jailbreak:

1. Make a jailbreak (instructions).


2. Launch the unofficial Cydia store and wait for all repositories to update.

3. Go to the Sources section and add a new repository – (Edit-Add).


4. Specify the repository address –

5. Wait until all sources are updated and go to the Search tab.

6. Search for TaiG AFC2 package.


7. Install the found package.

8. After the TaiG AFC2 installation is complete, restart your iPhone or iPad.

If all the manipulations are done correctly, then after that you can use a standard USB connection and a desktop file manager to access the file system of the iOS device.

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