How to arrange windows on your desktop with Magnet for Mac

When working on a Mac involves the use of many applications, then the fight against windows that constantly overlap each other due to overlapping comes to the fore. And the smaller the Mac’s diagonal, the more furious this problem becomes.

The Magnet window manager will help you arrange windows so that they occupy the largest possible area, but do not overlap each other.

The easiest way is to arrange windows by “dragging” them to the diagonals or corners of the screen

Magnet works just like any other window manager for Mac. Any window can be placed in half, quarter or full screen by dragging to the desired face or corner. Or using shortcuts.

Application windows take shape depending on which point on the face you drag it to

What Magnet does not have is the setting of arbitrary spacing between windows and the proportions of the position of windows. All that can be configured are shortcuts to control the position of windows from the keyboard.

All possible window positions and their keyboard shortcuts

Magnet costs only $ 0.99 on the App Store. So if you don’t have a window manager yet, you can safely start with Magnet.

Personally, Magnet is enough for me. But, if you want more customization and automation, then look at Moom, which is geared towards working with multiple monitors.

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