How to create your own home screen widgets on iPhone and iPad

If you’re taking advantage of the new feature in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 to add widgets to your home screen, you might want to take it to the next level. There are applications that allow you to create your own widgets!

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You can create home screen widgets just the way you want them to be. Below we will explain how this is done. There are already a lot of widget applications, and there will be even more in the future.

Widget Wizard

In the Widget Wizard app, you choose what data to use for the widget, choose a font and colors, and then just add it to your home screen.

You can choose a dark or light theme in the application settings. Here you can choose styles, colors of different elements and background color. In addition, the choice is available not just from the most popular colors, you can choose absolutely any color using the spectrum and sliders. Then you can adjust the hue and color saturation.

You can change the font of the widget title, main and additional text.

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Widgets with a countdown, calendar, reminders, etc. are available. Widgets can also have different designs.

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Tapping on a widget item, such as the number of steps taken, will open the Widget Wizard with more details. Thanks to this, you can add events, reminders and health data right through the widgets.

If you want to create widgets with important data and your own style, the Widget Wizard app is a great choice.

  • Widget Wizard can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad from the App Store for 149 rubles.


The Widgetsmith app is similar to the previous one, but the process for creating widgets is different.

Once you open the app, you can choose the size of the widget. Next, select the data for the widget: from photos and reminders to astronomy and calendar. For example, you can add a widget with sunrise and sunset times or moon phases.

After that, you can select the widget’s font, data color and background color. The widget can be saved and given a name.

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After that, the created widgets can be added to the home screen in the same way as everyone else.

The app also has a scheduled widget feature. You can create a widget that will change to another widget at a certain time for a certain period. This is very convenient, because at different times, different data comes to the fore.

Widgetsmith-Timed-Widget-768 × 678

You can create a widget with text, photos, or health data. Widgetsmith is a great app for creating perfect home screen widgets.

  • Widgetsmith is free to download on iPhone and iPad, but there is a paid subscription with additional tools in the app.

We hope there will be more of these applications soon. In the meantime, we’ve covered two of the best options for creating widgets.

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