How to download torrents safely

Let’s face it – everyone uses torrents. And if Apple with its App Store and its buns is slowly luring many people to the bright side, then with films and music it is still rosy. Based on my surroundings, this content is the most popular.

It is clear that this is all illegal, and therefore unsafe. Your ISP can see what resources you visit and what you download. So any request to them from law enforcement agencies and, a torrent lover is on the hook. Of course, such cases are rare in our country, but in the USA or the European Union it is better not to joke with this.

You can protect yourself in different ways, for example, “hide” behind a VPN. But if we’re only talking about torrents for Mac, then there is a much better way. This is the service.

Try, $ 0.99 is a cloud-based torrent client that makes torrent downloads safer and more convenient than classic Folx or Transmission for Mac. This service uploads files to its servers, from where you can download them or view them immediately (in the case of video).

A cloud torrent client has two significant advantages: speed and anonymity.


Let’s start with the fact that when working with, you do not depend on the symmetry of the Internet connection channel (this is when the download speed of something is not equal to the upload speed). The slower your internet connection, the more the influence of the asymmetric channel will be felt.

This is true for those who download something from closed trackers tied to a rating. To keep it at an acceptable level, you need to distribute at least what you downloaded. In the case of an asymmetric channel, it takes 2-3 times more time to return than in the case of loading.

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With, you don’t have to clog your channel while standing on the distribution, the service will do everything by itself, and with excellent speed. If you have traffic restrictions (mobile operators often have daily limits), then you also save valuable megabytes.

If you don’t care about traffic restrictions, then you will definitely be interested in the fact that downloads files very quickly. Monstrously fast!

With a large number of “seeders” (choose something from the top of the pirate bay, where there are often more than a thousand of them), 10 GB files become available in a couple of seconds. If this is a video, then you can immediately start watching it in the stream, without downloading it to your computer. Firstly, it saves time, and secondly, free space on your SSD, which is never enough.

With a small number of seeders, the download speed to servers will often be faster than through a WiFi connection to your personal computer. Well, with little – the same.


The service runs over HTTPS, which adds a lot of extra points to Mac security and your anonymity.

HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is an extension to the HTTP protocol that supports encryption. Data transmitted over HTTP is “packed” into a cryptographic SSL or TLS protocol.

With HTTPS, your ISP and your network administrator only see the traffic volume, not the content. If, in addition, you use a VPN, then you will additionally hide from them the final goal of your interest (that is,, and from itself – your location (your VPN server will be this).

But even without using a VPN, your traffic is completely encrypted and there is no hint that you are downloading or distributing torrents. In any case, you will attract attention in the very last place, since your IP never appears in the peer list. This is especially true for those who live in the European Union, States, Australia …

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As I mentioned, the video can be streamed directly from And this is another big plus, since you do not download anything to your computer.

No limits allows you to download torrents where they are prohibited by the network administrator or the provider itself. A good example is university campuses, where the Internet is often fast, but with closed ports. This can also include some public networks in cafes, networks of mobile operators, etc.

Tariff plans

There are three tariff plans, which differ in the amount of space for downloaded files, time, distribution rating and the number of active downloads. There is also a trial plan for $ 1 a day.

If distribution is not in the first place for you and you download torrents for personal purposes, then the simplest tariff plan with 100 GB of storage for $ 9.99 per month is most likely suitable for you. Please note that this is exactly the storage, the traffic is not limited. When you run out of 100 GB, you can delete some movies or files and you’re ready to go again!

On this tariff plan, you can simultaneously work with 10 streams and “distribute” up to a rating of 2.0.

What to play / download

If you downloaded the video, then can stream it via HTML5, which means that you can watch not only on Mac, but also on iPhone or iPad (there is a lightweight mobile version). Videos from mobile devices can be streamed to Apple TV via AirPlay, watched on Samsung Smart TVs released after 2015, as well as LG Smart TVs.

The service downloads torrents to the internal storage very confidently. As I already said, with a large number of peers, files are downloaded almost instantly. On the same root tracker, the speed is usually from 10 to 20 Mb / s. When streaming, I also did not notice any special problems, everything happens quite smoothly, but here, of course, it all depends on your network connection speed and file size. Most movies, up to 8 GB in size, I play without delays on a single-channel ASUS RT10E access point (WiFi 802.11n 150Mbps), everything else is often simply not enough channel.

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The only problem I encountered is that some files are not immediately available after uploading to You have to wait a few minutes. If the file is small, it sometimes cancels out all the speed. Fortunately, this is not always the case.

Other goodies

You can also access your files via FTP, just go to with your username and password. Of course, there is support for RSS feeds, through which you can set up automatic torrent downloads. There’s even a built-in music player.

The archives can be unzipped right there. And vice versa – archive several files and download them in one archive.

The only thing missing is alternative ways to import .torrent files. I would like to be able to add them by email, pull from Dropbox, or upload them directly via FTP. A Safari plugin for intercepting magnet links would also be nice.

In conclusion

If you are concerned about your safety, then is an irreplaceable thing. Ten dollars a month is a very fair price for all the benefits it provides. In principle, a fast VPN (I use TunnelBear) will be a worthy alternative in terms of security and anonymity (and will also bypass the prohibitions on torrenting on some networks), but in this case, you still have to download files to your computer and take care of yourself distributions.

Try, $ 0.99

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