How to enable (disable) automatic workout recognition on Apple Watch

Apple Watch owners have undoubtedly faced the situation when they did some kind of exercise, but forgot to start the workout mode on their watch. The situation may be different – after training you forgot to turn off this mode.

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Fortunately, these issues are a thing of the past with the watchOS 5 firmware. It gave the Apple Watch the ability to automatically activate workout mode. Smart watches monitor your activity, if it matches the training patterns, then this mode automatically starts and the indicators begin to be measured. And if you forget to turn off the workout on your watch and don’t close the app, the Apple Watch will just do it automatically.

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How to set or turn off automatic workout detection on Apple Watch

1. Open the app Watch on iPhone.

2. Select the tab “My watch” in the bottom menu.

3. Click on the section “Workout”

Now include the items “Start training“And”End of workout»To use automatic workout detection. Disable these options if you always want to manually start training mode.

How to enable (disable) automatic workout recognition on Apple Watch

You can also access these settings on the Apple Watch itself using the menu: Settings → Workout

How to enable (disable) automatic workout recognition on Apple Watch

How to enable (disable) automatic workout recognition on Apple Watch

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How to start and use an automatic workout on Apple Watch

Once you start exercising but forget to start a workout on your watch, you’ll see a notification on the Apple Watch screen. It will indicate that you are training in one of some of the suggested modes. Click on one of the workouts to use it. The data that Apple Watch has already collected will be included in the results of this workout.

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The same will happen if you stop training. If you forgot to manually disable it, you will see a notification on the screen. You can then stop your workout, pause it, or ignore the notification.

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Supported activities

Unfortunately, not all activities are supported by this feature. In addition, a lot depends on the type of training, this forms the margin of time required by the watch for notification. Here are the types of workouts that can generate a helpful notification:

  • Walking indoors.
  • Walking outside.
  • Indoor running.
  • Jogging outdoors.
  • Elliptical trainer.
  • Ergometer simulator.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Open body of water.

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