How to find out if an iPhone is locked to an operator in iOS 14

Is the iPhone locked into ios 14

If you buy a used iPhone on Ebay or Avito, there is always the possibility that it is tied to a particular carrier. This is a common feature of “overseas” iPhones: this is how people buy smartphones in installments for two years through a contract with a cellular operator at a discount. With the release of iOS 14, you can not use third-party services to find out if the iPhone is locked or not – just go to the device’s settings.

In Russia, buying a smartphone on credit is common. Mobile operators, although they issue a loan, the user still pays it to the bank; and the buyer is not tied to the operator. But in Canada, the United States and Western Europe, buying a smartphone under a contract with a specific operator for several years, also at a discount, is a routine practice.

So far, the function is available only on devices with an installed beta version of iOS / iPadOS 14. With the release of the final public versions of the OS in the fall, most users of iOS and iPadOS devices will have it.

How to find out if the iPhone / iPad is locked to the operator, in iOS / iPadOS 14:

  1. Go to Settings on the device – The mainAbout this device
  2. Scroll to item Locking by the operator.
  3. If it is written next to SIM unlimited – everything is in order, the device is not tied to a specific operator.

Lock information by operator

If there is another message in the locked status, the phone is locked. To untie it from the operator, you will have to pay the remaining amount of the debt.

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