How to find your iPhone using your Apple Watch

Among other things, the Apple smartwatch has one little-known but very valuable feature. Apple Watch can be used to locate your lost iPhone. An incredibly convenient thing if your favorite smartphone has fallen somewhere, and you urgently need to find it. How to do it?

It couldn’t be easier!

How to find an iPhone using Apple Watch

1… Press the Digital Crown until you are on the watch face.

2… Swipe up from the bottom. The Control Center interface will open.

3… Tap the smartphone icon. The iPhone will make a clear sound that you can easily find.

How to use Apple Watch to find your iPhone if it's lost in the dark

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How to find iPhone using Apple Watch in the dark

You can also add “illumination” from the LED flash on the iPhone to the sound. To do this, press and hold in the settings “sound” button (and not just press and release). This is especially useful at night – where the sound comes from, you can not immediately understand, but everyone will notice the “light music”.

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The main condition for these simple tricks to work is  Watch must be paired with an iPhone. The fact that in your case everything will be exactly like this is very likely – after all, without connecting to a smartphone, the watch “knows how” much less.

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