How to get 1 TB in Google Drive for free

Not everyone knows that Google has a loyalty program that will allow you to get a whole terabyte of Google Drive for free for a period of 2 years. This place is ideal for backups, storing archives of photos and videos. Tempting? Then read on.

What do we have to do

Terabytes are handed out for a reason, but for help in improving Google Maps. To do this, you must register as a “Local Expert”. Persons over 18 years of age with a valid Google account are eligible to participate in the program. Immediately after registration, you will receive the status of a “Local Expert” of the first level and you can start:

  • add interesting places to the map;
  • upload photos;
  • write reviews;
  • make edits;
  • answer questions from other users.

Each completed item brings 1 point. In theory, each interesting object can be worth 5 points. But from my own experience, I will say that most often you have to be content with just one point.

Google’s bonus table looks like this:

  • 1st level (0 – 5 points): Sign up for a special monthly newsletter, video meetings with leading experts and Google employees, the opportunity to participate in closed competitions (not available in all countries);
  • 2nd level (5 – 49 points): access to new products and features of Google before their official release;
  • Level 3 (50 – 199 points): local expert badge on Google Maps, opportunity to become a moderator of the local expert community;
  • 4th level (200 – 499 points): cherished 1 TB in “Google Drive”, the opportunity to become a hero of publications on the official pages of Google, annual gifts for help in the development of “Google Maps”;
  • Level 5 (500 points): An opportunity to join the Google team and test the latest products and services. Participation in a Level 5 Local Experts Summit.
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As you can see, it takes a little work. But I think it’s worth the $ 240 that you save.

Monthly cost of 1TB in Google Drive

How I earned 200 points

I have been fond of photography for a long time and there are many shots of my favorite city in my store. After turning on google maps, I started adding snapshots to objects. And now there are already 30 points in my basket. By the way, the points themselves are not credited instantly, but with a delay of approximately 24 hours.

To get 1TB in Google Drive, you need to get the status of a “local expert” of the fourth level

The next day, armed with an iPad and Google Maps, I began to benefit humanity by giving feedback on the shops, cafes and bars I had visited.

As a result, 25 points in positive territory, for which special thanks to our supermarket chain. All stores in it are almost identical, respectively, and the reviews about them did not differ much. Of course hard CmdC and CmdV I didn’t, but I didn’t practice epithets either.

I even managed to add several objects to the map. One of them is the second largest city beach, and this is in a millionaire city! This is good proof for you that Goole does not know everything and there is where to roam even in big cities.

This is how I managed to accumulate 260 points in a week. True, after a couple of days they decreased to 219. Why part of the points was canceled is not clear, perhaps some reviews or photos did not like the “Senior Experts” Google. But the loss of points did not in any way affect the required result, I reached the desired level – 4 levels. A few days later, I received an e-mail from Google, in which they congratulated me and offered to receive a bonus – 1 TB in Google Drive for a period of 2 years.

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The gift is not tied to the account under which you collected points, so you can give it to friends or family.

What will happen to my files in 2 years

After 2 years, your cloud storage will be read-only. So you will have access to information.

By the way, I noticed that when upgrading from 15 GB to 1 TB, the speed of uploading / downloading files also increased. On average, work happens at a speed of 50-60 MB / sec, which is very fast. Try it!

Alas, Google is no longer giving away Google Drive for free. Instead, she began to rotate the bonuses that local experts receive.

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