How to hide apps on iPhone in iOS 14

How to hide apps in ios 14The main feature of the application library in iOS 14 is the ability to hide entire pages with applications from the main screen. If your desktop is in order, you can remove the icons of individual, rarely used applications without removing them from the device.

You can hide pages with applications on both iPhone and iPad. But removing application icons separately from the home screen to libraries will only work on iPhone (or iPod touch) with iOS 14. iPad does not yet support this option.

How to hide an app from the iPhone home screen in iOS 14

To remove an application from the home screen to the library:

  1. Hold the app icon and select Delete the application.
  2. Click on Move to Application Library
  3. The app icon will be removed from the home screen, but the app itself will remain on the device and in the library. It can still be found through the system-wide Spotlight search or the Application Library.

To completely remove the program from your device, select Delete application

How to return an app to the iPhone home screen

To return a hidden application to the home screen, go to the application library, hold down and drag the icon to the desktop. If you cannot visually find the program you need in the library folders, find the application by search, hold down and drag the icon to the main screen.

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