How to hide your exact location on iPhone in iOS 14

How to hide your location data on iPhone in iOS 14

In iOS / iPadOS 14, Apple has significantly updated its privacy settings. For example, you can now hide your exact location for selected apps.

How approximate location works in iOS and iPadOS 14

In iOS / iPadOS 13 and earlier versions of the OS, in geolocation services, you can only configure the settings for applications to access your location: always, only when using the program, or never. Regardless of the type of access, the application will be available exact coordinates your location.

Location access options are still available in iOS and iPadOS 14, but they are supplemented by a new option – the ability to hide the exact location. If you have ever used Airbnb, you know that only the approximate location of the accommodation is available on the map before booking. The same is with Apple: no matter when the application uses your GPS data (always, one-time, or when using the program), if you turn off the exact geolocation, the program will only see your approximate location (within a radius of several kilometers).

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How to turn off your exact location in iOS and iPadOS 14

By default, apps have access to your exact location. Moreover, for most of them, an approximate location is quite enough.

To prevent an app from accessing your exact location:

  1. Go to Settings on the device, select the section Confidentiality.
  2. Click on Geolocation services and select the one you want from the list of applications.
  3. For the selected application, disable the Exact geolocation

It will not be possible to deny all applications access to exact geodata at once – you can disable the function only separately for each application.

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You can also turn off the exact geolocation in another way: open Settings and scroll down to the desired application. In it, select the item Geolocation, then also remove the switch from the parameter Exact geolocation

If you have activated limited access to the location (that is, the application must ask for permission every time), then when you open the application on the left of the map, click on the parameter Highly accurate to turn off the exact location. You can also turn on the exact position by pressing the button.

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