How to make a CapsLock superbutton in macOS Mojave

I call the superbutton modified CapsLockwhich is on par with Ctrl, Opt and Cmd can be used in keyboard shortcuts. Superbutton shortcut a la Caps lockLetter convenient to launch and switch between open programs.

To make a super button we reprogram CapsLock utility Karabiner Elements at the same time ShiftCtrlOptCmd… This combination is not accidental, because macOS perceives only these keys as triggers for shortcuts. Use Tab, Delete, F1-F12 or normal CapsLock in shorts is not allowed.

The super button has a great location under the little finger of the left hand. It is convenient to click on it, as well as on the neighboring one. Shift… Here are five of my favorite shortcuts:

  • CapsLockH – converts selected text from Markdows to HTML
  • CapsLockDelete – closes all programs except the active one
  • CapsLockR – optimizes selected images via ImageOptim
  • CapsLock3 – typographic text
  • CapsLockS – opens Safari

To customize the superbutton on macOS, we need Karabiner Elements. This utility can change the actions of any keys: CapsLock replaced by Delete, Fn – on the Esc etc.

Download Karabiner Elements, 5 MB

Super button setting

  1. Install Karabiner Elements and launch it;
  2. Go to the Complex Modifications tab and click the button Add rule;
  3. In the window that appears, select “Change caps_lock to command + control + option + shift” and press the key Enable

Superknoka turns on in three clicks

How to use the super button

For standard macOS keyboard shortcuts, see Settings Keyboard Keyboard shortcuts… There you can configure shortcuts for system functions: switching the language, screenshots, starting services, etc.

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Standard actions can be configured through macOS System Preferences

I set shortcuts for launching programs via Alfred. Through it, I run scripts, like converting Markdown to HTML.

My shortcuts for launching different applications with Alfred

For even more flexibility, try BetterTouchTool (Setapp / site). This utility can change the action of the shortcut depending on the application. I’ll tell you about it some other time.

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