How to properly clean and wash your Apple Watch

Any electronics, like jewelry, requires careful handling and regular care. The Apple Watch is no exception, however, being both a sophisticated electronic device and a high-end accessory, the watch needs special care. We will tell you below how to care for your Apple smartwatch.

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How to clean, wash, and dry Apple Watch

Remember that Apple Watch doesn’t like moisture and dirt, so keep your device clean and dry. If the accessory has lost its original clean shine, do not rush to dip it under the tap and lather it with soap. Any surfactants (soaps, shampoos, dishwashing detergents, cleaning powders, etc.) can damage the device. Also, do not use abrasive substances, which, together with dirt, will wipe off a good part of the paint.

Ultrasound, compressed air, and various heaters are not suitable for cleaning Apple Watch. How can you then clean your favorite watch, you ask? In fact, everything is very simple. Instead of looking for sophisticated technology and miracle cures, arm yourself with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth that can be lightly dampened with water if needed. Gently wipe your watch with this cloth, wipe it dry – and now it shines again like new!

Important: Be sure to unplug and turn off your Apple Watch before cleaning it.

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How to clean the Digital Crow if it sticks

How to properly clean and wash your Apple Watch

There are times when the Digital Crown stops spinning as smoothly as before. Most likely, dirt has got into the gap between it and the watch case and needs to be removed. Cleaning the wheel is also very simple. Disconnect the device from charging and turn it off. If you wear your watch on a leather strap, it must be removed.

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Open a tap with warm water and let a thin stream flow. Place the Digital Crown under the stream and hold it while turning and pressing the wheel for 10-15 seconds. Again, soap and other detergents are prohibited! Now wipe your gadget dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

The Digital Crown in Apple Watch jams

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How to clean Apple Watch bands

In addition to the watch itself, the strap also requires careful cleaning. If you bought a strap from a third-party manufacturer, carefully read the care instructions on the packaging or in the special insert. If you are using an Apple strap, follow these steps to clean it.

Wipe the leather bracelet with a clean, lint-free cloth (if necessary, the cloth can be slightly dampened with clean water). In no case should you dip the strap in water, and even more so leave it there. After cleaning the bracelet, do not dry it with a hairdryer, heaters or in direct sunlight, otherwise it may harm it. It is not recommended to immediately fasten the watch strap while it is still wet. Non-leather bracelets are cleaned in the same way, but you can dry them by simply wiping them with a clean, lint-free cloth.

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Some tips for people with allergies or high skin sensitivity

If you are allergic or your skin is very sensitive, first choose a watch and strap model that will not cause a reaction (pick up plastic if you are allergic to metals and vice versa). Do not overtighten the wrist strap as this can create discomfort when wearing the watch. Both your body and Apple Watch must be kept clean and dry, then wearing the gadget will be as comfortable as possible, and sweat, soap, cosmetics, etc. will not spoil the watch over time.

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