How to use Apple Watch to find your iPhone if it’s lost in the dark

IPhone owners can find their lost gadget by clicking on a special icon on the Settings screen of their Apple Watch. As a result of this action, the smartphone will beep, and the user can easily find the device if it gets lost under a pile of laundry or between the cushions of the sofa. However, this option has a hidden feature that not everyone knows about.

How to make the flash of a lost iPhone blink with Apple Watch

1… Swipe up on the watch face to display Control Center.

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2… Press and hold the icon Ping in “Settings” (do not press hard, otherwise Force Touch will work).

How to use Apple Watch to find your iPhone if it's lost in the dark

After doing this, the LED flash on the iPhone will light up several times and the smartphone will beep. This feature will allow you to find the gadget in the dark, even if it is in the position of the screen up.

How to turn on flash for calls and notifications on iPhone

A simple click on the Ping icon will make the device emit a standard beep without flash pulsing.

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