How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

Those who have been using iOS devices for a long time will not allow a lie that for a long time there was no normal application for working with office documents on the iPhone and iPad. Several years ago, Microsoft’s “office” finally came to Apple devices, and for iPhone owners, this event was more abrupt than the release of a new firmware version. However, in order to use all the capabilities of the “office”, you need to issue an expensive subscription (we do not speak about legal entities, there is generally a cosmic account for a license). Therefore, third-party document editors quickly gained popularity in the App Store.

Finally, there is a normal alternative to Microsoft Office on iOS

Their main drawback is that such applications are mainly focused on working with the iPhone and iPad. And if, for example, you need to edit a document on a computer, you still have to download some other “office”, and also take care of how to move a file from a smartphone to a computer so that the formatting of the document does not fly off. It’s good when the service is not only compatible with all MS Office formats, but also allows you to quickly switch between a mobile and a desktop solution in the process.

Один из таких сервисов, кстати, сделали российские разработчики, и это вполне достойная альтернатива «офису» от Microsoft — Р7-Офис. В чем преимущество этого решения — с самого начала разработка велась с учетом потребностей использования на мобильных устройствах, что позволило сделать многофункциональные приложения для iOS и Android.

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The P7-Office application for iPhone and iPad is a full-fledged combine for working with any documents. It provides full compatibility with the usual “office” formats, while if you try to open a file created in MS Office in the application, the layout of the document will remain as in the source, which is very convenient. It doesn’t matter if you decide to work on a document, spreadsheet or presentation, everything can be done in one application. There are a lot of possibilities for editing – from changing the font color and creating lists to adjusting line spacing, forming headings, and so on. With this functionality, you can only take your iPad with you and edit documents from it, without using a computer.

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

This is what P7 Office looks like after connecting the cloud

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

Can quickly edit a document in .docx

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

Or work on an Excel spreadsheet

The main feature of this service is that it cloudy: that is, you can, for example, start editing a document on an iPhone, and then continue in the application or the web version on the computer (there is also a version for Mac, by the way). Cloud support also allows you to share documents with others, add them to your cloud, and collaboratively modify documents. Create a cloud on the P7-Office website, and then connect to it using a mobile application in one click. It is enough to enter the storage address and log in by username and password. And you can also connect Yandex.Disk to all this to edit other documents from another cloud.

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

You can also connect your own cloud

In case you need to work with a large file and need additional editing capabilities, the service developers have provided a convenient web version and desktop applications. There is also co-editing, including real-time, and review mode, and tracking of the history of changes – right for small teams.

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

The web version has even more functionality

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

You can work on one document with a whole team

What I especially like about this product is the intuitive interface. The same is with documents and spreadsheets – even if you have never worked in “cloud” editors, you will get comfortable in five minutes. The control tools are conveniently located, there are no hundreds of buttons that are not clear what they are responsible for. At the same time, the editing window is as close as possible to that in MS Office, so it is much easier to get used to it. This applies not only to documents in .docx format, but also to tables and presentations.

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

Or restore the history of document editing

В то же время P7-Офис не ограничивается только работой с документами. Сервис позволяет вести проекты, подключить почтовый ящик и взаимодействовать с другими участниками команды.

To the extent that right in the web version, you can go to the “Team” section, where you can start chatting with your colleagues or even call them by audio or video. No Skype, Zoom or other services needed – all in one place. There is no such thing in MS Office or Google Docs.

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

This is not just an Office, but a whole tool for teamwork

How to work with Office documents on iPhone and iPad

Chats and video calls in the document editor are generally top

Although I have a MacBook, it turned out to be quite convenient for me to work with the cloud-based web version of the service on a computer, and if I need to edit something on the go, I already open the mobile application on my iPhone or iPad. Conveniently, there are also video calls here: you can quickly contact colleagues and solve the accumulated questions.

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За счет большого количества поддерживаемых платформ каждый сможет выбрать оптимальный вариант — есть версии на Windows, Linux, Mac, в вебе, а также на Android и iOS.

What’s the money? The mobile version is free when connected to the cloud browser version, and now you can order free trial period for six months (180 days). Moreover, the functionality is not limited by anything. It turns out to be cheaper than subscribing to MS Office. And you get more opportunities.

Try P7 Office

It is not for nothing that most users have long migrated to the “clouds” and keep all their files there: it is safer, you can access the “cloud” from almost any computer (no more carrying a flash drive with you), all changes in documents are saved in real time. We have been working like this for a long time – try it too – you can do it at the link below.

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