i0n1c considers it possible to create a jailbreak for iOS 8

The conference was held last night WWDC 2014 during which, among other things, the company Apple presented a new version of its mobile system iOS 8. And today the hacker community has pleased users with fresh news – jailbreak of the new system is possible. The message came from a well-known hacker named i0n1c.

jailbreak for iOS 8

The public version of the new system will be released only in the fall, but yesterday the first beta version was available to all participants in the Apple Developer Standard and Enterprise programs. Apparently i0n1c was able to get itself a beta version iOS 8 for research. He found out that the vulnerability he found earlier in iOS 7 was not closed by Apple developers, which means that hacking the new system is possible.

But here it is worth making a small remark and taking into account the fact that iOS 8 is still in testing phase. Whether the developers will close the vulnerability by the time of release is not known for sure. The hacker himself did not name the exact date of the release of the new utility.

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