In iOS 7.1, Apple blocked the Evasi0n7 jailbreak

Yesterday evening, almost immediately after the release of the new version of the apple mobile operating system, the developers of the utility for jailbreaking iOS devices Evasi0n7 asked users to stay away from updating.

iOS 7.1

After four months of testing, the developers from the company Applefinally released a new version of iOS. In the new “seven”, the virtual assistant Siri was improved, and the CarPlay function also appeared.

But in addition to these innovations, Apple developers paid attention to the security system, closing several key vulnerabilities that were used to create the jailbreak. Hackers warned users that if they want to keep the jail, they shouldn’t upgrade to 7.1. At least for now.

As for the release of a new utility for iOS 7.1, then the opinions of experts on this score are not too optimistic. According to their forecasts, this exploit should appear in about a year, and for iOS 8 it may never come out at all.

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