In iOS 8.2 Apple Closed Jailbreak Vulnerability

Recently, hackers from the TaiG team reported that they already have a solution for untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.2, which they will release immediately after the release of this firmware version.

In iOS 8.2 Apple Closed Jailbreak Vulnerability

This news gave hope to jailbreakers, who were slightly discouraged after the release of iOS 8.1.3, in which Apple closed previously used vulnerabilities. However, this hope may never be realized, since in the description of iOS 8.2 Apple announced the closure of the MobileStorageMounter vulnerability, thanking the TaiG team for its discovery:

Impact: A malicious application may be able to create folders in the committed zone of the file system

Description: An issue existed in the mounting technology of the disk, which made it impossible to delete the folders of the disk image. The issue was addressed with improved error handling.

CVE-2015-1062: TaiG Jailbreak Team

It is not yet known if this vulnerability was the same one that TaiG hackers used to jailbreak iOS 8.2. If so, the timing of the release of the solution for cracking the new firmware version can be postponed to the indefinite future – unless, of course, the hackers have some other exploit in their bosom.

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