Included with the iPhone 12 may still appear charging, but only for 5 W

At the moment, most analysts and network sources report that Apple will stop bundling its smartphones with wired headphones and power adapters. However, today a hint appeared on the network that charging may still “stay”. True, we are talking about a 5W adapter.

According to reports, the Chinese Communications Commission recently certified two new Apple charging adapters. One of them has a power of 20W, a USB Type-C port and supports fast charging. The adapter is manufactured by Flextronics Power Systems (Dongguan) Co, Ltd. Previously, pictures of this charger have already appeared on the network.

In addition, the Chinese regulator issued a certificate for one more adapter. Its power is 5 W. According to some experts, the new Apple smartphones will be equipped with this adapter. It is possible that the Cupertinians will change the shape of the charger to fit into the more compact iPhone 12 box.

As a reminder, 5W power adapters are currently only bundled with the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are already equipped with more powerful 18W chargers.

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