IOS 11 jailbreak released, but not for everyone yet

Some time ago, specialists from Pandora Labs Alibaba managed to jailbreak an iPhone X running iOS 11.2.1 and install the Cydia store on it. However, they did not share any details and refused to release hacking tools. However, thanks to the efforts of Abraham Masri, users of Apple mobile devices will still be able to jailbreak iPhones and iPads running on iOS 11.

IOS 11 jailbreak released, but not for everyone yet

Masri has recently published tools for jailbreaking Apple smartphones and tablets running on iOS 11 (from version 11 to 11.1.2) on GitHub. True, the solution he created is intended primarily for developers.

But some difficulties in the hacking process did not stop users of the popular Reddit forum. They have already tested the new jailbreak. Judging by the reviews, it does not work stably enough.

However, many do not doubt that in the near future developers will release a more convenient utility for jailbreaking Apple devices running on iOS 11. This should be helped by Masri’s developments and the latest findings made by Google employee Ian Beer.

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