iOS 14: How to add or change your Mail, Calendar and Contacts account

iOS 14 contains many new features and changes, some of which you might not even have noticed. One such change is the new addition and management of accounts. Below we will tell you how to add and change accounts for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Reminders now.


Previously, all accounts could be found in the Settings> Passwords and Accounts section. In iOS 14, this section is simply called “Passwords”, and account management has been removed from there.

The good news is that in iOS 14, account management is available in several sections of Settings at once.

As a reminder, iOS 14 introduced the ability to use third-party default browsers and third-party mail clients.

How to manage Mail, Calendar and Contacts accounts in iOS 14

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select a section post office (or Contacts, Calendar, Notes or Reminders).
  3. Select here Accounts
  4. You will see an option New account… Here you can also select an already added account.
  5. Use the switches to select which applications the account will be used for. You can also delete accounts here.

Here’s what the steps look like on an iPhone with iOS 14:


Here you can add, remove or change your account:


To learn how to change your default mail clients to Outlook or Gmail, read here:

  • iOS 14: How to Change the Default Email Client on iPhone

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