iOS 14: How to Change the Default Browser on iPhone

Of all the new features in iOS 14, one was the most excited about one. This is the ability to change the default browser and mail client on iPhone and iPad. You will be able to use Outlook and Gmail applications and Google Chrome and Firefox browsers instead of the standard Mail and Safari applications.


IOS 12 introduces the ability to remove default apps from iPhone. However, this did not apply to the mail and browser applications. This will change with the release of iOS 14. The feature has already appeared in iOS 14 beta 8.

Safari and Mail are great, but not perfect. Plus, having a choice is always good. If you have a Windows computer or Android tablet, then you are used to a completely different style of mail management and cannot sync browser history across devices. Fortunately, these restrictions will soon disappear. Below, we’ll show you how to change the default browser on iPhone.

How to change the default browser on iPhone

So far, the function only works with the Chrome browser, but the method will be the same for other applications. For the feature to work with other browsers, you need to update them first.

Step 1: Open the app Settings on iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down and select Chrome > Default browser app

Step 3: On the next screen select Chrome


That’s all, now Google Chrome will be your default browser. The browser will open the links you follow. With Spotlight search, results can also be opened in Google Chrome.

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The ability to change the default browser is far from the only new feature in iOS 14. We advise you to read about all the new update features.

Recall that so far the ability to change the default browser is available only in iOS 14 beta 8 and only supports Google Chrome. This will change in the future.

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