iOS 14: How to hide photos in the Photos app

For years, iPhone and iPad users have asked for the ability to hide photos in the Photos app. Apple has finally added this feature to iOS 14. Below, we’ll show you how to use it.


There are many reasons for wanting to hide your photos. You may have taken a photo that you only want to show to one person. Or maybe you have a lot of screenshots and don’t want them to clutter up your main Photo library. Someone might take a photo of someone else’s gift that still needs to be kept secret. Whatever the reason, a new feature will help.


In previous versions of iOS, you can also “hide” photos. The function removes a photo from the main Photo library as if it were hidden.

However, then this photo is easy to find in the album with all the hidden photos.


This makes the feature pointless as anyone can easily find your hidden photos. Even a child can accidentally enter this album without the intention of finding it.

However, in iOS 14, the feature got better. Now you can hide the album with hidden photos so that no one can find them.


To do this, go to Settings> Photos and turn off the switch next to the “Hidden” Album option. Now go back to the Photos app and you won’t find an album with hidden photos there. Now they are really hidden from everyone.

This is a significant step in the right direction, but the feature can still get better. Someone can still go into your Settings and enable the hidden album to be displayed.

Many people ask Apple to add the ability to put a password on the album with hidden photos or use the Touch ID / Face ID authorization to view them. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. Let’s hope it appears in the future.

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