IPhone 12 mass production is 4-8 weeks late

According to the data shared by the business publication Nikkei Asian Review, mass production of the iPhone 12 will be delayed by four weeks to two months. Among the main reasons are the shutdown of factories and the lack of a sufficient workforce amid the coronavirus pandemic.

IPhone 12 mass production is 4-8 weeks late

It is noted that now the Cupertinians are urgently trying to find ways that will minimize the delay. However, even if a solution is found, mass production of the iPhone is already about a month behind.

In fact, the information released by the Nikkei Asian Review confirms the data previously shared by other sources – due to the coronavirus pandemic, Apple faced serious production problems. All this will lead to the fact that the new Apple smartphones will appear on store shelves with some delay.

According to forecasts of experts, despite the problems, the official announcement of the iPhone 12 will take place in September this year. However, the new apple devices will go on sale only in October or even November. It is possible that some of the models will be available earlier and others later.

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