iPhone 12 May Get Magnetic Wireless Charging

Several photos of wireless charging have appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo, which will be integrated into the new Apple smartphones. Judging by the set of components, the Cupertinians have significantly reworked this module.

It should be noted right away that such information should be treated with a fair amount of skepticism. In the past, fabricated data has surfaced on Weibo more than once. However, new information may still be true. Recently, Apple has been paying a lot of attention to wireless technologies. In addition, some online sources report that the Cupertinians want to return to work on AirPower again.

In terms of published images, magnets are a key feature of the module shown in the photographs. The latter can be used to hold the smartphone on the charger in different positions.

At the moment, Cupertinians are already using magnets in their branded chargers. This is a branded charging cable for the Apple Watch. Its design uses magnets that fix the watch in one position.

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