IPhone 12 package may lose charging and wired headphones

Analysts at the British bank Barclays have shared a new forecast for the next generation of Apple smartphones. According to experts, this year the Cupertinians will noticeably “shrink” the package of the iPhone 12.

Analysts note that Apple may revise the contents of the package for its smartphones, removing from it not only wired headphones, but also the power adapter. If this forecast is confirmed, then in the box, in addition to the smartphone and documentation, users will only be able to find a USB-C-Lightning cable.

It is worth noting that analysts at the British bank Barclays are not the first to talk about changing the iPhone 12 package. In the past, two analysts at once – Ming-Chi Kuo and Dan Ives from Wedbush – talked about Apple’s plans to remove wired headphones from the iPhone box. Experts agree that such a move will spur the already considerable sales of AirPods.

Also, analysts at the British bank Barclays noted that Apple is now behind the planned production schedule for the iPhone 12 by four to six weeks. However, this situation should not affect the date of the announcement of new devices. Analysts believe that Cupertino will show the iPhone 12 in September this year. However, some models will go on sale with a delay.

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