iPhone 12 will be able to compete with the MacBook Pro in benchmarks

If you believe the network sources, the next generation of Apple smartphones will use the Apple A14 processor, created using a 5 nm process technology. It is believed that the speed of the new chip for the iPhone could overtake the processor in the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The move from 7nm to 5nm technology will be a big step forward, according to MacWorld journalist Jason Cross. A single chip will house about 15 billion transistors – more than any other mobile processor and some desktop chips.

Cross believes that after the appearance of Apple A14 chips in Apple smartphones, they will be able to gain more than 5,000 points in Geekbench 5, which is comparable to the results shown by the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Also this year, the iPhone may have an improved Neural Engine. It is assumed that it will allow Apple smartphones to cope with machine learning tasks even faster. Some argue that the speed of such operations will double compared to the iPhone 11.

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