iPhone 5s may also receive a “perpetual” jailbreak

More recently, hackers were able to find an iBoot vulnerability in A5 processors and its derivatives. Thanks to such a find, mobile devices from the company Apple with A5 (X) processors can get “perpetual” jailbreak. Recently, even more interesting information appeared on the network.

iPhone 5s

One of the members of the jailbreak community under the nickname Winocm hinted in his microblog that “Eternal” jail can get newer apple devices. For instance, iPhone 5s

If this information is confirmed, then hackers will be able to create an exploit that cannot be blocked at the software level. Therefore, all iOS updates from Apple will be useless – the jailbreak will be “eternal”.

iPhone 5s

Initially, a few days ago, the hacker iH8sn0w on his twitter blog announced the discovery of a vulnerability in the A5 and A5X processors. Apple devices such as iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and 3, iPad mini work on their basis. The possibility of creating an “eternal” jailbreak of these devices is of interest to users, but much more interest is the likelihood of hacking more modern apple gadgets.

However, until the “eternal” jailbreak for the iPhone 5S, we most likely will not see. iH8sn0w has no plans to create exploits in the near future, it will wait for the release of a new version of iOS. And other hackers refrained from disclosing their plans for the future.

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